E-Commerce Businesses

Our "Online Store" feature boasts a fast, free, and hassle-free solution for launching your e-commerce venture on a SparkDog-designed website. We've partnered with PayPal to provide a seamless selling experience for businesses with a merchant account. With SparkDog's E-commerce feature, powered by PayPal, you can effortlessly showcase and sell your products and services online. In addition, we've simplified the setup process, eliminating the usual complexities associated with e-commerce. Whether you're a beginner setting up your first online store or a business looking to sell a few products on your website, this feature is perfect. Please note that a PayPal account is required for business owners to get started.

Can I Use a Different E-Commerce Solution?

You may use a different e-commerce solution. While every platform differs, many third-party e-commerce solutions can be integrated or embedded into a SparkDog website. Here are some third-party E-Commerce solutions to consider:

Please Note:
  • There may be additional fees associated with using a third-party E-commerce solution.
  • We cannot troubleshoot custom code or provide support for setting up an online store using a third-party platform.
  • To ensure that your third-party E-Commerce solution is compatible with SparkDog, we must test it first before committing to being your web design agency.

Restaurants Offering Online Food Ordering

You have several options if you would like to add online ordering to your restaurant’s website. The easiest and most popular option is to link to your restaurant’s profile(s) established on GrubHubDoorDash, and/or Uber Eats, etc. The benefits of doing this are that it’s easy to set up, the technology is already in place, and each of these online ordering apps comes with a built-in audience of hungry customers. Also, these apps will even make the deliveries, so you need to focus on fulfilling orders.

Another option is integrating with your current Point of Sale (POS) system. For example, many POS systems offer an online ordering option that can be embedded into a SparkDog website.

Lastly, you can use a standalone online ordering system. Hundreds of vendors provide online restaurant food ordering solutions compatible with SparkDog sites. ChowNowiMenu360, and GloriaFood are just a few examples.