Choosing Your Fonts

Your website can have up to 5 different fonts. However, we suggest limiting it to 3. Otherwise, your site may look helter-skelter.
  • Header* – Business Name:  Should reflect your brand.
  • Header – Tagline:  Appears directly under your business’s name. It may match your business name font or complement it. Keep in mind that it’s usually much smaller than your business name. Taglines are optional.
  • Titles and Headlines: These will be bigger and/or bolder than paragraphs and descriptions.
  • Paragraphs and descriptions: These should be easy to read.
  • Navigation:  Used for page navigation tabs and buttons.

*About Headers
Headers can be done one of two ways:
  • SparkDog creates your basic header combining your logo with your Business Name and Tagline. Or...
  • A graphic can be used instead of a SparkDog-created header. If you like, You can do this yourself. We recommend using Create a jpg, gif, or png file that is 1,500 pixels wide @ 72 resolution and any height (180 pixels is standard). Include your business name because this will replace your standard logo/text.

Font Gallery

SparkDog features over 150 fonts to choose from! 🔠🔡  (Click on the image to enlarge. 🔎)

Tip:  Click on the first one.  Then use the ➡️ to "slideshow" through them all.